Hello my name is Stefon Lewis. I am the owner and founder of Hehr Colecciòn. Over many years (17 years), working as a former part-time hairstylist, I have watched women spend thousands of dollars on hair extensions. Each year I had to endure the complaints from customers of million dollar hair businesses failing to live up to the expectations of clients and salon clientele. I knew I had to do something about the thousands of women who were dissatisfied with their hair extension’s company. This initiated motivation for myself to build a company that will be sure to satisfy all the needs of the hair extension connoisseurs across the nation. At this time we are a small business currently filling orders for a few customers. Over the course of five years our plan is to be filling orders for millions of customers across the USA and selected few of international countries as well. 


I Stefon Lewis owner and founder of Hehr Colecciòn is now proud to present the #1 best selling hair to hit the US market. We specialize in providing the best quality of hair extensions to our customers and salon clientele by way of our exclusive partnerships in Asia.  We know luxury hair can be difficult to find. That’s why Hehr Colección sources bundles from one single donor to ensure consistent, high-quality hair that matches specifically to each customers’ needs. At Hehr Colección, we are committed to delivering premiere customer service to guarantee all patrons are 100% satisfied with their purchase. On behalf of Hehr Colección, we would like to give our utmost gratitude and say thank you for using us as your luxury hair extensions provider.

- Stefon Lewis, Owner and Founder of Hehr Colección


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